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“How Would You Like To Accelerate Your
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I’m talking about a way to not only gain accuracy and distance from your drives — even faster!

But also, a way to help you:

Gain up to 10, 20, 30 yards or more on all of your irons…

Eliminate top shots, shanks, and slices from all of their clubs.

Nail all of their chips from the fringe close to the hole.

Hit a perfect short pitch from thirty yards in.

Consistently hole putts — Even at 20+ feet away!

Get out of sandtraps and over water hazards with ease.

And so much more

See, here’s the thing…

The Croker System Masterclass is only the first part of my Educational Program…

There’s A Brand-New Second Phase Of
The Croker Golf System Program…

You see after years of tournaments and teaching…

And wondering over sleepless nights…

I’ve been thinking about retiring.

But… then I think of all of the people who I’d never been able to work with…

How there are still so many tricks, techniques, and tactical things I’ve only said in whispers…

And only at during private sessions with PGA Pro and fellow Master Coaching Academy Members

This is why I’ve decided to take 50 years of knowledge and package it into something that regular everyday golfers could learn in just minutes per day.

The Croker Masters Academy

This is the ONLY place you can get access to every trick, technique, and tactic I’ve ever released…

All on a single private website – kind of like YouTube…

And whatever you need to learn…

You just click on one of my many best-selling programs…

And it’d be like I’m there with you, teaching you my secrets in a private lesson step-by-step…

Giving you the same treatment, I give all of my top PGA clients.

So, no matter what the next step is for you to significantly lower your score

I’ll be there for you to help you with…

Your putting…

Your irons…

Your ability to navigate your way around the course…

Your ability to get yourself out or over sand traps

Every program is designed to give you the FASTEST progress possible.

To the point where every week when you get back on the course…

Your buddy’s jaws will drop…

As your scores and handicap shrink.

And like many of my students have experienced…

Your friends will probably even tell you that you should start competing in the local tournaments!

I mean just look at what some of my top students had to say about the products in this course…

Denise Peck from Australia, used just one of the programs in this package… The Key To Golf Program

And says she went from not playing at all – to joining in her local ladies’ competition…

And she won the competition a couple of times — one for the straightest drive and another for the longest drive!

What a coach! That drill and everything else is working! Wow!

Won the next event below – all the other golfers are lower handicappers, the gross winner off 8 and scores in the field went out to well into the 200’s.


Even birdied one of the hardest par4’s with 48 m pitch in.

Also won A grade last two Sundays and won the Captain’s knockout (qualifying then 4 matches to win) last week.

Thank you so much.



Italian Senior Open Championship Winner – Email From Simon Owen


Hi Peter,


Thanks to your system, I played the best back nine from tee to green that I’ve ever played.


Played with Stewart Ginn and Glen Ralph 1st round and shot a creditable 70 to be lying 2nd equal.


2nd round played again with Stewart and Sam Torrance. Played great for a 65. The previous course record was 67 set by Arnold Palmer.


Gave you thanks in my victory speech also. I really meant it too. You’ve been a great help to me.


Simon Owen

I am very new to golf, I have only been playing a few months. With just my first lesson with Peter Croker’s techniques, and some practicing at the range, I was able to shoot a 45 already! He is very in depth and finds more than one way to explain something to you to make sure that you understand it. Highly recommend!


Greg Busch

You have the best drill and swing thought…ever. Tried it on the range today; worked super on PW through driver.


Was hitting the driver 200+ with reduced flight range balls. Not bad for a “super senior.” Whole different feel.


Wish I knew this 40 years ago. But, better late than never.


Peter: my hcp index is 8.9, but I’ve been scoring in the low to mid-80’s lately, mainly because of inconsistent ball striking.


Yesterday, however, I took to heart your lessons. Now, my ball striking was much improved, and I shot my age (76), which should have been at least two strokes better but for the double bogey on 18 owing to an errant approach shot I attribute to the mental error of not focusing on your system. I’m a believer.



So Let Me Show You Everything You’ll
Get Inside The Croker Masters Academy
And How It Can Help You Take 5-10
Strokes Off Every Round You Play

What enabled me to win PGA Tournaments worldwide

And become famous for teaching this program to Major Champions on the PGA Tour?

Every secret, tactic, and trick you see here…

The Key To Golf

Video Series MasterClass


This course is considered my claim to fame.

And it has helped more people than I can count.

You’ll learn exactly how to increase your power, control and consistency…

And master every aspect of the game.

You’ll discover how to:

Gain up to 10, 20, 30 yards or more on all of your irons…

Eliminate topping the ball, hitting behind the ball,shanks, and slices from all of your clubs.

Nail all of your chips from the fringe close to the hole.

Hit a perfect short pitch from thirty yards in.

Feel confident in holing your putts each time — Even if you’re 20 feet away!

Get out of sandtraps and over water hazards with ease.

And so much more

If you saw the video earlier Denise Peck from Aus…

She said this program alone helped go from not playing golf at all to winning a couple of local competitions!

The Beginning Program

Video Series MasterClass


Maybe Key to Golf is too big because you’re just starting…

Or maybe If you’re about to play a round tomorrow and want to quickly improve your game.

That’s what the Beginning Program is for.

Here I give out all of the fundamentals…

Ones you can use today to knock strokes off your scorecard…

And again, this is more than just a great place for anyone new to golf or high handicappers…

Even advanced players will discover new techniques to bring their game to the next level!

Swing Blueprint

Video Series MasterClass


Next, the Swing Blueprint Video Master Class…

Here we go over the MOST VITAL and overlook aspects of golf.

This is the most thorough program for building the swing from the ground up

This Program alone will set you apart from all of your friends.

We’re talking about grip and stance…The impact position…

The chip shot, the chip pitch, the pitch chip, the full pitch, the full swing, and more.

Perfect Putting

Video Series MasterClass


Imagine being able to walk up to any green…

No matter the distance…

No matter the slope…

And sinking the shot in a single putt.

That’s what I teach you to do in this masterclass with things like…

The only putting strokes you’ll ever need.

How to build distance control using the “incremental step by step approach.”

The perfect setup, grip, and stance.

And so much more!

Get Out Of Bunkers With Ease

Video Series MasterClass


Once you’ve got the essentials of the course down…

It’s time to learn how to exit a bunker with precision, distance and accuracy.

Inside of this video master class.

You’ll learn how to launch the ball with excellent backspin…

How to get it up to 50, 70 even 100 yards out to make up for lost time…

How to get your ball out of the bunker and right onto the green for a 1-foot putt…

And best-case scenario – directly into the hole.

And you’ll get so much more…

The Yard Stick Drill

Video Series MasterClass


Once you’re hitting 250-300 yards out…

If you’re like me and you LOVE to get into the nitty-gritty of each swing so you can SQUEEZE even 5, 10, or 15 more yards and maintain a high level of accuracy. The Yardstick Drill is for you – It is the Croker Golf System Master Drill!

That’s what these yardstick drills are for.

Like an X-Ray machine…

They help you detect in an instant, where you have an issue…

And still, need a slight tweak.

Also, I’ll teach you how to overcome the issues and gain those extra 5, 10, or 15 yards…

This is the Drill to “Fine-Tune” your golf swing!

Secrets and Tricks From The Greatest Golfers To EVER Live

Video Series MasterClass


As a touring playing professional…

And someone who’s learned from the greatest golfers of all time…

And taught many of them as well…

I’ve picked up many little-known secrets the greats have used to win PGA Tour events and Major Championships.

And this is the ONLY place I’ll reveal their secrets to you.

7 Secrets To Mind Control In Golf

Video Series MasterClass


If you want to NAIL every shot…

You can’t be anxious or upset about the last shot or how your game is going….


So, no matter if you’re setting up for a tough shot on the green… over the water… out of the woods, rough or bunker…

You’ll be able to think clearly…

And calmly…

That my friend…

Is what gives you the GREATEST advantage over everyone on the field – no matter your experience or ability.

100% LIVE Weekly Q&A

Imagine Every Week…

You Get To Attend Hour Long Live Coaching Sessions

And I’ll Answer ANY Questions You Have…

Live And On Video!

Here’s how it works…

3 times a week…

You get an email directly to your inbox

With a private zoom link…

You log in.


Myself and PGA Coach Chris Beckett (who’s my #1 Croker-Registered coach on the team) will be right there with you LIVE on the call.

We’ll take Q and A’s and teach drills to maximize every aspect of your game.

So whether you’re main goal is to:

  • Send beaming drives past your golfing mates and opponents.

  • Gain mastery, distance and eliminate slicing over your irons.

  • Fade shots around the fairway and land on a dime

  • Get yourself out of traps with ease.

  • Putt directly into the hole from 20+ yards away even on steep inclines.

  •  Gain control, focus and calm over the mind while on even the toughest of courses
  • And so much more.

The best part is you get to ask us questions live…

And no matter what it is…

We’ll show you how to fix it immediately.

That means…

You get your very own customized
lesson right on the spot!

And don’t worry if you are a beginner…

Or on the PGA pro…

We detail each and every step specifically for your level of expertise…

So YOU can breakthrough scores of 100…


And even 80 or lower!

What’s better is you can be comfortably at home.

No need to be on the course…

Because we incorporate easy-to-find objects like a yardstick that can improve your game.


You may be wondering when we schedule these calls.

We’ll they happen EVERY WEEK…

And 3 times a week…

All with various times and days to best accommodate the times zones you may be in.



Note: there are 3 calls a week. These are popular time conversions from my time of Melbourne Aus (the down under).

New York, U.S
[EST: GMT -14]

Mon – 8pm

Tue – 6am

Wed – 5pm

New York, U.S
[EST: GMT -14]

Mon – 5pm

Tue – 3am

Wed – 2pm

New York, U.S
[EST: GMT -14]

Tue – 10am

Tue – 8pm

Thurs – 7am

And if you’re thinking…

We’ll what if my schedule
doesn’t line up?

We’ll don’t you worry!

We don’t want you to have to choose between being with your family…

Or getting pro tips on golf.

This is why…

You write in to ask your questions ahead of time
via email.

But also, As you can see we also record
and archive every call.

This way…

You can go back and listen whenever you want!

And You’ve Only Seen A
Small Fraction Of The Secrets
You Can Start Using Right Away

(New Or Skilled Golfer, High Or Low Handicap I Guarantee This Will Work For You)

(We’d be here all day if I went through every last detail. So here’s just a
sneak peak at the rest of the courses!)

So, you’re probably wondering how much this would cost.

You won’t find anything like this, anywhere else on the internet.

And because of that, I’ve been told I should be charging $1,397 a year upfront just for access to my weekly Q/A.

But I won’t even charge you half that.

Not $587…

Not $397…

Not even $197…

All of what you’ve seen above for just $19.95 a month.

And don’t worry…

You can cancel at any time…

With ZERO questions…ZERO hassle…And ZERO fees…. And ZERO hard feelings.

You’re not going to be locked into anything.

But that’s not the only benefit of ordering today…

There’s also:

ONLY $397 $197


It’s only $19.95/Month to remain a member at the discounted rate.
And you can cancel at any time with no fees or Penalties.

YES! I understand that I’m signing up for an exclusive monthly subscription of $19.95 (which comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee). I also understand that I can cancel at any time with out penalty or fee by emailing

No thanks. I’m okay with missing out on working with you directly. Instead, if I’m blown away by The Croker System, like so many thousands of folks before me, I’ll just ask for the master class at full price in the future.


  “Add 20+ Yards Or More To Your Drive Or Get Your Money Back”

Here’s how it works:

Because I’ve seen these exact secrets transform golf for hundreds of amateurs and help them…

Gain up to 10, 20, 30 yards or more on all of their irons…

Eliminate skulls, shanks, and slices from all of their clubs.

Land all of their chips from the fringe.

Hit a perfect short pitch from thirty yards down.

Hit tight putts that land each time — Even at 27 feet away!

Get out of sandtraps and over water traps with ease.

And so much more

All with less pain.

And because it’s even worked for PGA pros I’ve personally taught like Arnold Palmer, Peter Thomson, David Graham, Wayne Grady, Seve Ballesteros, Vijay Singh, Mark Brooks, Simon Owen, Curtis Strange, Jim Ferree, Rocco Mediate.

I’m highly confident that this can work for anyone, of any age…

But that doesn’t mean you should take any risk when purchasing!

So, when you sign up today…

You have a full 60 days to try everything out.

And if this didn’t entirely transform your game…

Just let us know and you’ll receive a prompt and polite refund.

Just send us a message to my A+ professional customer service team either at our email…

And we’ll refund your entire purchase price.

No questions asked.

You won’t find a more generous guarantee anywhere.

There are literally ZERO risks to you – it’s all on my shoulders.

And look I can only give out an offer like this for so long.

Because I can only work with a limited number of people at once.

On top of that, I’m only giving this one-time offer to the most eager and ambitious clients.

The only reason you’re seeing it today is because you said yes to The Croker System Master Class.

Otherwise, if you leave this page that’s it…

This offer is only available today and is only available on this page.

After it disappears

And you can’t call my support team or email me asking for it…

As I have to honor my promise.

But the benefit of that is…

If you decided to click the “Yes! Add This To My Order Button”

We will add this package to your original purchase…

And you’ll be grandfathered for life into the lowest price I’ve ever sold this for…

So even when prices go up, you’d only ever pay just $19.95 a month…

And if that’s something you’re interested in…

Simply click the button below…

ONLY $397 $197


It’s only $19.95/Month to remain a member at the discounted rate.
And you can cancel at any time with no fees or Penalties.

YES! I understand that I’m signing up for an exclusive monthly subscription of $19.95 (which comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee). I also understand that I can cancel at any time with out penalty or fee by emailing

No thanks. I’m okay with missing out on working with you directly. Instead, if I’m blown away by The Croker System, like so many thousands of folks before me, I’ll just ask for the master class at full price in the future.


I have been a member of the Australian PGA since 1968 and played for many years on the various PGA Tours as a tournament player and have witnessed the careers of great players such as Kel Nagle, Peter Thomson, David Graham, Greg Norman, Wayne Grady and just to name a few. Since the early 1990’s I have concentrated on my teaching career and playing senior events.


Peter Croker introduced me to his method in the early ninety’s and the first thing that happened was that I had immediate success with my own game.


Having always struggled to gain more length, I suddenly found the extra 25 yards that I had been looking for off the tee and my shots were much more solid and consistent.


A lot of my fellow professionals commented on this and all of a sudden I was able to win a few pro-am events and had some good finishes in the senior tournaments later on.


I became very excited about what Peter had shown me and found that my teaching improved dramatically with a lot of my students achieving immediate success with just a small amount of the knowledge I had received from Peter.

Tim Ireland

My name is Ben Perry. I am 54 years of age.

Golf was just something I dabbled in and really enjoyed and managed to keep a single digit handicap for many years, around 4.

Before meeting Peter Croker, I had never had a formal golf lesson in my life. But one day I received an email from a good friend in Hawaii stating simply, “Ben, you need to do this,” and he was referring to learning from Peter Croker.

Once I learned from Peter, now If I hit a not so perfect shot now, I know exactly where in the swing the error occurred. That is valuable information. Mr. Croker is a master and if you can duplicate what he teaches and then apply it, you will be a much better golfer at any level.

I am now a 1 handicap and just last week had four rounds under par in a row, 68, 69, 70, 70. This is really fun now because of how confident I feel over every shot and that alone makes a huge difference.

Thank you, Mr. Croker, for delivering this valuable product. I greatly admire and respect you for it.

Best regards

Ben Perry

My story is I quit the game for a number of years, (I was never better than an 18 hdcp) but when I decided to give the game another try, I invested in the “Step-by-Step” course.


Now I’ve been consistently scoring in the in the mid 80’s now for six weeks, and I see more strokes coming off in the months ahead.


To any ‘duffer’ who may read this, I say with 100% assurance – give the program a go. Be patient with yourself, and trust – with enough review, you will eventually find the keys to a very good swing. With this course, you have an excellent resource for growth for as long as you play the game.

Lou S


Since learning from you my drives are longer and straighter. Most improved are the iron shots, say from 160 to 190 yards which before I was having a fit with. Now I can easily get to a green from that distance. I’m actually able to use my 3 wood on par 5’s to get up close or beside the green in 2! Lastly, my putting (using that “open grip”) has done wonders.

I hope all is well with you. Live in the moment!

Lucien M. Roughton, AIA

Dear Peter


Your system opened up a whole new game for me. After many years [ far too many ] of twisting hips, sliding hips, late hits etc I found that your techniques added over 40 yds to my drives and at least one club in my irons, plus it is so easy. Also no sore back.

Many thanks


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